Your Home Away From Home For Thanksgiving

An orange pumpkin and two green succulents on dark wood boards - image by patrick fore unsplash.comWhat is your favorite thing about Thanksgiving? If we created a top ten list, perhaps you might suggest adding turkey, stuffing, gravy, dessert, football, family and friends, or Black Friday shopping as your favorite things. It truly is a holiday that offers a chance to be with friends and family. We know that there are folks out there that like to create new traditions or perhaps you don’t have family and friends close by and so are looking for a place to be. May we suggest a Thanksgiving New Orleans style? We would love to be a home away from home for you during this holiday season.

In this great city, every day is a celebration of food and family so what better place to spend Thanksgiving? Have you ever tried a Turducken? It is a legendary Cajun favorite here in NOLA and is a chicken cooked inside a duck that is cooked inside a turkey! How delicious does that sound? Or, how about a deep friend turkey with stuffing made with cornbread, Creole pork, oyster and shrimp? If you are up for some culinary adventures, we encourage you to come our way for this holiday as many of the city’s amazing restaurants open their doors to offer guests special Thanksgiving dinners.

If you feel as though you need to burn some calories to offset your food intake, you can check out the 110th Annual Turkey Day Race on Thursday, November 23rd. It will take place at the Tad Gormley Stadium in City Park and you can do a 5-mile or a half-mile race. City Putt also offers a Thanksgiving Bash: Gobble then Wobble event from 3pm-7pm on the 23rd, 24th, and 25th. Enjoy one course, a cocktail, some sweet treats, a raffle ticket, giveaways, and more. The month long light show in City Park, Celebration in the Oaks, also opens the Friday after Thanksgiving so you’ll get the first look at this incredible light display.

Our classic, elegant inn is tucked away in a charming neighborhood to offer peace and privacy yet we are close to many of the city’s famous attractions. We still have some rooms available for the Thanksgiving season so don’t delay and book your desired room online today and escape to another home away from home!

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