Whole House Rental the Perfect Way to Vacation in NOLA

When we tell guests that our bed and breakfast is the perfect “home away from home” while in New Orleans, we don’t take that statement lightly! We have paid attention to every detail to ensure that your stay at our historic inn is memorable, relaxing, and allows for a time when you can truly unwind and feel at home. While you can book individual rooms, we also offer rental opportunities of our entire home should you have a larger group needing accommodations in the area.

Let’s face it, a standard block of look alike hotel rooms for your group just is not going to offer an experience in New Orleans that is anything other than “run of the mill.” If you make a reservation through some of the vacation rental companies out there you are often slapped with transaction fees, cleaning fees, and who knows what other kind of responsibilities to take care of the home while you are there. Is that the kind of getaway you are looking for? Where you have to be a caretaker while you vacation? Surely not!

When you rent our entire bed and breakfast, you avoid all of these unnecessary fees and still get treated like royalty—allowing you to enjoy your vacation like you deserve to. There is no washing dishes, cleaning the home before you leave, or washing your own sheets. Create your own meal plan and have breakfast when desired, enjoy all of the amenities of the home without worry of bothering neighbors down the hall, and let us take care of you!

Whether you are looking for a place to host a family reunion, small wedding, business trip with your co-workers, girlfriends getaway or other large group gathering, consider our whole house rental option. Contact us anytime for booking or further information.

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