Canal Street Inn Welcomes Business Travelers

All hail the road-warriors, the week-away-ers, those who assist other offices, and those who try to drum up new clients: the business travelers. For many, it’s the same dull thing: fly into a city, check in to a cold hotel with too many people and too little contentment, and spend the trip alone, constantly missing loved ones, friends, and the comforts of home.

If you spend too many days/weeks/months like this, counting the minutes until you can get back to what you know, we’d like to offer a refreshing alternative: business stays in our warm and inviting bed and breakfast. Missing home won’t be quite as pronounced when you stay in OUR home with its warm, welcoming ambiance, beautiful decor, comfortable beds, and a delicious morning meal each day. Concierge is built right in: we are happy to assist you with nearly any need, if at all possible.

We have everything you need for your business-travel needs: comfortable beds, areas where you can work, five Wi-Fi networks to support your online needs, snacks available at any time, and a quiet ambiance. We have a business desk for after-hours work needs, or choose any of our common areas for a make-shift workspace with a much better view than an office.

When you stay at Canal Street Inn, you won’t likely need a rental car. We are just 12 miles from the Louis Armstrong Airport: grab a taxi, an Uber ride, or even take advantage of our bus lines to come to our front door. Once here, all you need to do is step outside our front door to catch the streetcar to downtown and around the city; New Orleans’ network of rail and bus transportation makes it easy and affordable to get wherever you need to go.

While missing your friends and loved ones may be difficult, you can certainly make new friends with the innkeepers and any other guests during your stay: our inn dining-room breakfasts make it easy to meet everyone. And if you want a little more privacy, that’s fine: weekdays are slower times at our inn, meaning it may be much quieter around the house than on the weekends. Even if we’re booked full, two dozen people are much easier to take than the hundreds you find in area hotels.

What’s that, you say? You say that work will never spend the extra money on a bed and breakfast? Well consider this: our reasonable rates rival most of the larger hotels in the city, with arguably better amenities! And when you choose our inn, you’ll be much more at ease than in any area hotel – truly an added benefit.

If you want to impress the local co-workers, talk to us about hosting an after-work social gathering at the inn. Our courtyard, pergola, and patio are available for use during warm months, and our parlors, sitting areas, and dining room can host your group during cold/inclement weather. Cater in a bit of food and drink, and create the perfect evening for you and your associates.

Looking for a perfect venue for an offsite trip/gathering/retreat? Talk to us about renting the entire inn for your business gathering or special event: multi-night accommodations during the week are easy to obtain with a little advanced planning.

So why not consider our bed and breakfast for your next business trip, and make it a regular destination when you visit the city as it becomes your home-away-from-home. We’re glad to have you, and want to help you feel welcome, relaxed, and content during your business visits to New Orleans.

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