Canal Street Inn Welcomes Tesla & Electric Automobile Owners

Electric vehicles are becoming more and more popular, making it necessary for businesses to adapt in order to best serve their guests. We are proud to announce our partnership with Tesla Motors, bringing the first bed and breakfast in New Orleans to offer electric charging capabilities to our guests!

electric-car-plug-in-evTesla’s Destination Charging program brings electric charging capabilities to hotels/inns, restaurants, shopping centers and other businesses, helping to both attract electric automobile owners and provide a valuable service to those guests who happen to drive electric, and Canal Street Inn has willingly joined this landmark program.

Our recently acquired charging station provides up to 8kW of charging power to our patrons. Of course, the station is first-come-first-served, however multiple electric automobile owners can easily take turns at the station as necessary.

This is just one way Canal Street Inn is looking to the future for our guests in order to accommodate your needs and welcome power-conscientious guests to our amazing city. We hope you will consider a NOLA vacation, and feel free to drive your electric vehicle when you stay at Canal Street Inn!

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