The Best Kept Secrets of Mardi Gras 2016

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Come to New Orleans the week of January 26, 2016 and discover what Mardi Gras is all about for almost ½ of the cost and 100% of the fun.

2.- Dozens of parades are scheduled during this time.
3.- There are plenty of great locations to watch the parades.
4.- The cost of the room is 30% less. (We still have  availability on January 26th through February 1st.)
5. The streetcars are still running!
6. There are plenty of restaurants around the inn with little to no wait.
Check out some of these parades:
Cleopatra, Oshun, Excalibur, Athena, Ponchartrain, Chocktaw, Sparta, Carrollton, and King Arthur.

So come join us for a fun-filled week of Carnival in New Orleans!

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