The Canal Street Inn invites you to relax and be pampered in a calming, warm atmosphere. This Relaxation Room was created to provide massage, hair and makeup services exclusively to our guest.  These services are available by appointment only.

Massage Services

We only use Young Living Essential Oils. The purity and richness of these essential oils take you on a journey that can instantly ignite your senses and create a calm feeling of pleasure and ease.

Relaxation   A gentle Swedish type of massage with smooth long kneading strokes. Combining massage stokes to muscles with light stealing to improve circulation, movement of the joints, releasing muscle tension for relaxation and easing of stress. 60 minutes /$100.00 HR

Therapeutic    A deeper and more focused method applies attention to painful, stiff or troublesome areas providing soothing, warm relief while remedying chronic patters from past injuries and tensions. It also focuses on muscles, tendons and other deeper tissues to improve over all flexibility.  60 minutes / $110.00 HR

Reflexology   A therapeutic technique of all the working pressure points on head, hands and feet to alleviate a source of discomfort, to promote general good health, and to prevent illness as well as relieving symptoms of stress.  60 minutes / $100.00

Couples Massage   You and your loved one will share this massage experience and serenity together, in the same room. Each of you will select the style of massage you would prefer and experience an exhilarating session of luxurious treatments. 60 minutes / $100 (per person)